Sunday, January 27, 2008

Book Review: Desire - Women Write about Wanting

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I like to pass along personal reviews for books that I have read to give others an idea of what to expect and suggestions to pick up a book if it is good. I’m no Ebert or literary critic, but I read a lot, and tell it how I see it. I read mostly nonfiction with a trashy romance novel thrown in every once in a while for good measure. I won’t be reviewing the romance novels unless I find one that knocks my socks off.

I picked up this book at my local library (which is where I find almost all the books I read) in the new release section. The title caught my eye and I thought I’d give it a go. I’m so glad I did. I think women will get more out of this book, as obviously it’s written by and for women. The book is comprised of essays on a few different areas of desire for women. It’s inspirational and uplifting for women without being preachy, sappy, militant or generally goofy. These women are professional writers and they really delve into their emotions and desires in an artful way. Yes, some of the essays are about sexual desire, but the beauty of the book is that it examines many other areas of desire for a woman. A few articles even confront the conflicting desires that women have today as to what they should desire.

I recommend this book to any woman. I had a hard time putting it down once I started it. You may not identify with all of the situations, but you will identify with the women who wrote them. Read it!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Are You Ready for Your Closeup?

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I get Time Magazine and generally enjoy reading it a lot. It helps me feel connected to the world and politics around me. I just read an article in Time last week about having your own personal paparazzi. Wait a minute. What? Why in the world would you want this?

I’ve always given kudos to the uber-capitalist society that we live in here in America. It’s really an amazing system. However, how do you fool people into thinking this is a good idea? I imagine this kind of service can’t come cheap, and that people with money like this to spend have at least a few more functioning brain cells than the rest of us. So how do you possibly convince people that they should spend money to have a camera hound chase them and spill all their secrets? What kind of narcissistic ego issues must you have to want this when you’re not famous? Even famous people detest the paparazzi. Why, just why?

I definitely need to develop a product or service like this. If you’re stupid enough to part with your money for things like this, why in the world should I not cash in?!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome to Just Passing Through

I'm Becky. You've landed up in my personal blog about life. This is the blog I save just for my random musings. I've been blogging on Yahoo 360 for 2 years now and decided to move to blogger to organize my thoughts better. If you'd like to check out my previous writing or more about me, see:
I have a blog on my take on current politics also if you'd like to check those out at: I will also be writing a blog on being a mom and all of the absurdity that comes along with that too. I'll leave the link here later.

I'm 26. I live in White Plains NY, which is about an hour north of NYC. I love living here. I'm married to a fantastic guy from India and we have 2 kids. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I'm not working right now. I have chosen to stay home for a year with my youngest child and am 1 month into that. I absolutely love to write. I find it a fantastic medium for communication and reflection. I also like to read nonfiction, cross stitch, run, be outside, cook, eat what I cook, and play with my kids.

I'm a big fan of letting people have and express their own opinions. All my writings are just that - my own opinions. I have no qualms about making fun of myself in the process - it's one of the few unrestricted joys in life. That being said, I welcome comments and thoughts from anyone on what I've written. However, I would ask that you be kind and remember that these are my thoughts. Logical arguments with something I've said - fantastic. Name calling or undefended scorn - not so much.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I can bring some occasional sunshine in this circus we call life.