Saturday, March 9, 2013


Hello Lovelies,

You know the drill, I'm sorry, I've been busy, I'm a work-a-holic, etc. Moving right along.

So. Someone found me this week. From my blog. The one that I talk about sex and say Fuck on a regular basis. For piano lessons for his children. Wow.

I have to give it to the guy...Mad props for not shooting off a mental "Hell no, that chick is crazy and will not be good for my children" type response. This blog may be an accurate, true picture of me, but it never, ever comes out in any form when I'm around children, including my own. I like to keep it professional. Especially with my students. Good god, I hope I'm not shoving my foot further down my own throat. 100 bonus points for actually associating this blog with other more reality based aspects of my personality and my business, sir. Cheers. Actually, I'm really glad this happened, because I've met some really interesting people, one piano player with tons of potential, and one very, very gifted piano player. Pianos are very few and far between here, so I'm actually extremely excited to find students who have a real piano, leave alone ones who have pure, natural, expressive talent. 

God damn it. I had a brilliant post about middle fingers up in the air about society's expectations of me and how I don't really care, but I just couldn't post it. Good lord but I feel like a fraud to liberated minds everywhere. 

Here's the thing. I know that I'm not the first person to run into people from real life finding me on the internets. Old stories, right? The thing is, I still haven't reckoned what is in my head with actual functionality in society. I've had the freedom for most of my adult life to basically do whatever the hell I want in relation to a community and professionally and have done so. Not that I actually work in an organization, but I'd like to keep my illusion of working as a professional in my own piano/guitar lesson organization as it is, thank you very much. I'm not ashamed of who I am, but I'm not really looking to fit in. I do smooth things out in my regular day to day interactions because fighting the system all the time is exhausting, and people are judge-y. It's easier to give the illusion of assimilation.

I promise to keep it real with you guys. That I can promise for sure, even if the word Fuck is involved.


P.S. I in no way condone your children reading this blog. Seriously people.