Friday, October 10, 2008

Bounty Girls

Listening to: Akhila chatter – like usual.
Mood: Excited for the Weekend

Anyone noticed that there seem to be a lot of bounty hunter shows popping up? It started out with Dog the Bounty hunter – the fruity red neck dude who really cares about the scuzz balls he catches. I’m not really a huge fan if you couldn’t tell. Then, these shows started popping up all over the place. Or perhaps it’s just all the different channels available now.
One of the shows that really irks me (and all bounty hunter shows do) was Bounty Girls. The premise of the show is a bail man and a team of chick bounty hunters hunting down people who don’t go to their day in court. It’s really a ridiculous show. Lots of bitchiness, cattiness, and the bond man coming off looking like a pimp. Literally. The way those women kiss his ass is totally ridiculous. Look ladies, not only are you doing yourself a disservice by behaving like spoiled teenaged girls, you are doing a disservice to others also by promoting the reality tv trend that has people encouraging others to act petty, selfish, and generally like assholes.


Teddy Bears and Laser Hair Removal

Listening to: Peter Pan
Mood: Excited for the Weekend

I know, I know. Not usually something you hear in the same sentence. We get advertisement envelopes in the mail for local businesses. I’m sure most of you do. I got an ad about laser hair removal that featured a totally naked chick wrapping her arms around a huge teddy bear. Em, what? Why in the world would you sit buck nekked for an advertisement with a child’s stuffed animal? And why is that at all relevant to hair removal? Because the bear is hairy? I don’t think I want to see a totally nekked bear. I really didn’t need to see her naked with the bear either! Just another example of a marketing team that needs to be fired.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Mood : Tired
Listening to: John Stewart

I was watching some show the other day and saw a commercial for the It’s an insurance company with a cartoon general as a mascot. I don’t know about you, but I have a serious problem trusting a no-name insurance company that uses a cartoon as a mascot. Geico is pushing the line with their animated gecko, but at least most people know who they are. is not. What kind of insurance coverage would you get? It almost doesn’t matter, because really, who is going to go check it out? A cartoon general? I think they need to either hire some marketing guys or find some who will encourage people to take them seriously.