Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Wash it with Febreeze

Listening to: Olivia
Mood: Blah

So I saw this commercial the other day on tv. A mom walks into her teen son’s room and says, “Whew, it stinks in here, aren’t you having company later? We have to wash this entire room.” The son then says, “Wash the entire room, how?” “We’ll wash it with Febreeze.” Is the mom’s answer.

Um, what? This sounds to me distinctly like something the teenage boy should be saying instead of the mom? Really? “Washing” a stinky teen boy room with Febreeze? Now I LOVE Febreeze. But I’m afraid that Febreeze would have quit a challenge with this. Washing sheets, curtains, and vacuuming a room would be much more appropriate. Are we really getting SO lazy as a society that we spray things with air freshener and call it clean? What next, our clothes? Oy.