Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why is Everyone an Asshole at Christmas?

Mood: Idle 

Listening to: Scooby Do

I’ve been noticing lately that everyone has been especially nasty lately. That or I’m losing some inches of thickness in my skin, which is highly unlikely – I’m like a damn rhino, nothing gets to me. What is it about the holidays that encourages people to become super aggressive and rude? I’ve been complaining about people’s sense of entitlement and lack of public decency for the past 10 years, and it’s only getting worse. The sense of entitlement to do whatever a person wants and be rude and aggressive to anyone looking at the person has become unreal.  I know everyone doesn’t celebrate the holidays and people do occasionally have bad days. I’ve found that about myself. I have bad days and just don’t feel like putting up with anyone’s crap. But this seems to me to be a wide spread problem.  The other day, a person on the highway decided to have a conniption fit over something that totally wasn’t worth it. There was space in the lane to my left (not the far left) and I needed to get over to avoid merging onto a highway that didn’t go where I wanted to go. A car was 3 – 4 car lengths back in that lane, driving the same speed as me. I put my turn signal on and pulled in, only to see this car speeding up and missing my bumper by about 5 inches. She lays on the horn, is flashing her lights, the whole bit. She pulls into the other lane and drives 2 inches behind a semi just to drive next to me and scream at me. Eh, what? My apologies if I didn’t know you were going to be an asshole and speed ahead after I’d put my turn signal on and started pulling into that lane. But seriously? Was it worth it to have a tantrum? Anyhow, perhaps the reason that people seem rude is that SO MANY people out. You say that there is a recession going on and people aren’t shopping? You obviously haven’t been to the Walmart, Target, or grocery store by my house
At the risk of sounding preachy, can we all just stop acting like spoiled toddlers, at least for the holidays? Yep, there are lots of people on the roads and in the stores. A little bit of patience would benefit us all.  I’m tired of running into so many nasty attitudes and wishing I was a hermit.