Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Exterminator and His Dog

I’m not even going to apologize about disappearing down the rabbit hole for months at a time again. That’s just life for me right now. Between the “part time” job that really isn’t all that part time, keeping up with my ridiculously energetic munchkins, sleep deprivation from hubby’s newly found interest in learning to play the guitar until 3 am, and keeping up with the demands of the family on the apartment (i.e. picking up, cleaning, dishes, laundry, ect), my creative juices have pretty much been put on the back burner. Ok, so maybe three rows back. Excuses, excuses.

A couple of days ago, I got a notice underneath my door. This may sound unusual, but remember that in New York, that’s one of the primary ways of communication between renters and their tenants. So the note was about a visit from the exterminator tomorrow. Involving a dog. Ehm, what? Like most New York buildings, we have the usual problems with roaches and mice. What I’m wondering, is what in the world is the dog for?? I’ve heard of rat dogs, do we have rats?? Do we have some dogs that are really talented at searching out roaches and maybe we’ll finally be rid of them? You’re right, that might be a bit too much to hope for.

They nicely asked that we don’t leave any food around the house open. I’m rather curious about that too. Do they not want the dog eating things off people’s floors? Or would they become distracted from finding whatever prey it was looking for? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.