Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saving Dar Fur - One Tee Shirt at a Time

Listening to: Anthony Bourdain in Ghana
Mood: Calm

I was leaving Target today when I noticed a man walk by with a green tee shirt that said Save Darfur. Now I really hate picking on people who are at least trying to improve the condition of others. It shows that they at least have others in their thoughts and are trying rather than constantly being caught up in their own lives. It kind of made me wonder if this young gentleman was involved in the rescue of Darfur in any way beyond a tee shirt. I sincerely hope so, seeing as to how tee shirts are a decidedly ineffective way of stopping the slaughter of lots of people. It’s great that people are reminded of situations like Darfur, but unfortunately, a tee shirt is likely to remind them for 15 minutes, and then fade into the background of the mind. Tee shirts are a great start, but we need to remind people in a manner that spurs them to action. We claim to be a great humanitarian nation. We should be doing more than we do to improve not only the condition of our citizens, but also of those around the world.