Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting Rich - Some Day

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I know I’ve been rather absent. I had been hoping to write quite a bit more often than I’ve been able to. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with life and motherhood lately. I’ve been trying to get back on the horse, but the damn thing keeps trotting away. Anyhow, I’m trying to get on here more.

So I was driving home recently and heard a commercial on the radio. It just happened to be a day that both my kids were quiet at the same time, so I could actually hear the radio. Normally I just ignore commercials, but this one caught my attention for one reason or other and then I was hooked just from the ridiculousness I was hearing.

The commercial I listened to promised people untold wealth – eventually. They were trying to get people to turn to them instead of a get rich quick scheme. Now I don’t know what’s passing for marketing experience these days, but if that’s all it takes, I think I’ll go into marketing.

Come on! Who wants to admit they want to get rich eventually. Well, I’m sure that those who do don’t order self help/instruction tapes off of the radio. Do you really think that it makes the schtick make any more believable if you don’t promise immense wealth immediately? Most people don’t get immensely wealthy unless they are very lucky and win the lotto or they have a fantastic business idea that takes off.

Just think about it. Who wants to explain t their spouse, “But honey, it promised untold wealth eventually!” I think my husband would come really close to beating me if I spent money on something like this. I would probably beat him if he did it too.


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