Monday, December 1, 2008

The "F" Word

Listening to: Random Hindi on the Ipod.
Mood: Ready to get back into a schedule

Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close at our house. It’s Sunday and the kids are already in bed. Hubby will stay home for 1 more day just to use up some vacation. I am SO ready to get back into our daily schedule. For some reason or other, it’s impossibly hard for me to get into my schedule when my husband or eldest daughter are home. They just seem to move at a different rate and direction than yours truly. Fine for a few days, but then I need to have some space to do the usual things required to run a 4 person household.

For some reason (besides having always sworn like a sailor) I have had the “f” word on my mind a lot lately, and I don’t mean fuchsia. I am a huge fan. I love love love it. It just carries a poignancy that you can’t replace with milder words without losing the passion or looking retarded. I think George Carlin is my hero when it comes to the word. He just lays it all out there and wonders what in the heck is the big deal? I agree. How did we manage to capture such an offensive sentiment into one word, and why f? I can think of plenty of words that are far more offensive than the “f” word. Words, for all my propensity for swearing, never ever use. Perhaps it’s just the lure of the forbidden. Perhaps if everybody walked around yelling “Fark!!” every time they ran into a telephone pole, it wouldn’t be so attractive. Whatever. I’m still going to be using every time I mentally rip someone a new one for pulling in front of me in traffic. After all, can’t have my 5 year old developing this propensity so young.


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