Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm Baaaaccckk!

Mood: Rum'd Up. Yep.
Listening To: Dhadhang Dhang - Akshay Kumar is my second favorite person on earth to watch dance. Boy has some mad enthusiasm. Second only because there is absolutely no one like Prabhu Dheva. No one.

Alright wiseacres. Try not to fall all over yourselves that I've showed up again. I can't promise it will or won't happen again - that's just how I roll with the randomness.

So. From last post. It's holiday season at the G house. Speaking of which, which one of you Indian buggers decided that holiday season starts with Ganesh Chathurthi in September and continues on until the New Year? Someone kidney punch that guy. I was packed solid with holiday chikanery when it started at the end of October in the US! It's getting ridiculous.

As I may (or may not have, I can't remember at the moment) mentioned, my eldest turned 10. I endured the 3 hours worth of 10 screaming 10 year olds with most of my sanity intact. Well, as much as I had to begin with anyhow. My living room still looks like the birthday party fairy had an orgy on my couches with the balloon man. Anyone know why my walls are still littered with birthday....matter? That's right, I have one more party to throw this Friday for my other daughter. Laziness outstrips normalcy in the G household sometimes. So, yeah. Only half the decorations to frantically put up on Friday. It's a good thing. In other news, I spent a very weepy-ish afternoon getting out appropriate sized clothing for my kids and deciding what to pass on to other people to use because it's too small. It's killing me. At least the pain was a bit muted because it wasn't baby clothes. Little yellow duckies, wah!!!

Sorry, I'm done. Daddy G is again absconding to the US after the littlest's birthday party is done. Whatever. Mama needs some hair dye and coffee flavoring syrup. Even the import stores don't find it worth it to cater to blondes. Or people who are addicted to caramel and hazelnut flavored coffee. He's gone for a week this time, which is rather innocuous for his usual trip

I'm planning to send my third child to the US with Daddy G to have some things fixed. No, no, I did not go off and have an unannounced, secret child that I neglected to share with my internet peeps. I'm talking about my ipod. As I've mentioned - worlds biggest whiny bitch in terms of batteries. Unplugged for 2 minutes? Time to die. This needs to get fixed because I need to get back into running. And running without Axl and Bon Scott keeping me company just isn't happening.

Lots of craziness in the upcoming months that I'm trying to plan for. A few of my students have finished their level 2 books - Go Students!! - and will need to get ready for an exam. An exam that I am writing with the help of the other fearless teacher that teaches in the G house. Writing and exam has been eye opening, that's for sure. I'm super excited to see them excel and carry on though, which I'm sure they will.

I'm getting ready to wander off to Mumbai in December to see my very first, in person, real life Indian wedding. You guys, I am SO stoked. Daddy G and I will be going alone to Mumbai to watch a good friend tie his knot and wish him well. The one well and truly valid excuse I have to tie and wear my own sari in public. I so got this.

So yes, with the enthusiasm this evening - I have it.

The inlaws are coming over in a week or two to spend some time with us. I'm excited (surprise, surprise) for this too. I actually love spending time with them. Bring it.

I've started preparing both my students and myself for the upcoming recital in Feb also. I feel like I just finished the last one, so I'm not so enthused to start, but on the other hand, the program looks to be super interesting this year. I have decided to have two separate recitals (split the 25 into 2 groups) of roughly piano and keyboard students. It was just too hard for the piano students (and myself) to get into playing the keyboard, even if the venue was good. So...two groups, two different nights at my place. Hopefully it will feel more intimate too - last year it was a bit...well...non connective. If you know what I mean

Very full plate until Feb. I'll stick around though. This has been therapeutic. And enthusiastic.



Ken said...

After the Birthday Party Fairy and the Balloon Man have their orgy, do you need one of those CSI lights to find all the birthday matter?

Just wondering?

Also.....maybe some pictures of that wedding attire? :)

Becky said...

Ha ha ha Ken. I wish a CSI light was required. Unfortunately, it just looks like we have a birthday fetish all the time right now.

Since photos run in the blood in my family, I'm positive there will be Mumbai photos, including those of a wedding and clothes. ;-)