Monday, April 28, 2008

The Color Green

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I know this post is going to be totally un PC, but oh well. I’ve never been too concerned about PC. Is anyone else getting fed up with seeing and hearing about living green at every single turn? I understand that being “green” and helping out the earth is important, and a worthy goal, but good grief! I’m a magazine freak. I love reading all kinds of magazines. If I see one more “green issue” I’m gonna go postal. The problem isn’t so much that they focus on being ecologically sound, it’s that the advice is either repeated or not really sustainable for regular people. I’ll give recycling as an example. Now I’m not sure how many people have had their head in the sand, but recycling has been a big deal at least since I was in grade school, some 15 years ago. My family has been recycling and doing our part since then. So how much of a difference can we really make by toting recycling as the one thing that the average man can help out with. Another example is building an ecologically friendly house. While this is a fantastic idea, it is just not sustainable for the masses. Most of the materials and process associated with this process are just beyond anyone who is not at least medium rich, which is most of the nation. Builders aren’t going to pick up the ball either. I’m all for awareness, but I’m not so hot on beating an issue to death.


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