Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sending Myself Sexual Solicitations

Listening to: Jungle Book
Mood: Calm – for now

I was looking through an old email inbox recently and happened to notice my name in the inbox. I was sure that I hadn’t sent myself anything, so I was really curious as to what was in that email. I opened it and found an ad for obtaining a larger penis. Now I always get a kick out of these type of ads in a roll your eyes sort of way because, well, I don’t have a penis. Why would I need a bigger one? The idea that I sent a penis ad to myself just made me laugh out loud. (That’s right fools, writing as LOL just makes you look stupid. Same goes for IDK. ) I know I probably have a spam producer somewhere on my computer, but it still made my day. So here’s to offering yourself a bigger penis than the one you don’t have.


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