Friday, November 21, 2008

Ted Nugent is Freakin Nuts

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So this probably doesn’t come to a surprise to anyone unlike me who was totally ignorant about who Ted Nugent was, but that dude is absolutely frickin nuts. I saw him on an old MTV cribs episode. Wow. He gets a hard-on over a hunting stand.

I watched the video from Wango Tango too. He was one sweaty dude. He was almost swimming in his own sweat while singing about sex. I know they say that sweat and pheromones attract those of the opposite sex, but please. I can safely say that I would NOT want to do the wango tango with him.

They ask this dude his opinion on political things too. I still haven’t figured that out. I know he comes off as a right wing nut who is all about gun rights for individuals, but why ask Ted Nugent? Because he was a singer, or has a famous name? Ah well. I guess if we can make a big deal of Joe the plumber (who wasn’t actually a plumber) then we can listen to Ted Nugent for a few minutes.


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