Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Day the Music *Ahem* My Computer Died

Well hello there. I’m actually astounded and amazed that you stuck around. Seriously. I know I usually don’t hang around if a blogger pulls a trip down the rabbit hole like I have been. Thank you. You have my love, gratitude, and all that good jazz.

So…beyond telling you that my life has become just as busy as everyone else’s (and much busier than I’m accustomed to) I’m not going to give out many excuses. See, now this is how much I love you – I’m explaining myself at all. Trust me folks, I don’t explain myself or my actions to anyone very often.

I will, however, for the sake of having something to get started saying, let you know what’s going on in my corner of the world. I have to start somewhere lest the pressure cooker of ideas that my head has become just explodes into a vast, messy, pink goo covered internet space. That actually didn’t make sense to me either…so you’re better off not asking at this point. This is what happens when I stop writing. When I start up again, it comes out in a hot mess of confusion. There’s just too much going on in there.

Let us start at the beginning. I think I stopped writing just before I went to Hyderabad. I think. I brought my computer along with the intention of working and blogging while we were on vacation, but I got lost in the glorious eating, and sleeping, and general hanging around that happens when we go visit my inlaws. It was indeed glorious. My mother in law is an amazing cook and we always eat and sleep way too much. Think afternoon naps. Many, many blessed naps. I loved it. Unfortunately, I didn’t do much of anything productive. At the end of our trip, my computer decided it was a good Gawd (Holla Chicago!) Damned day to die.

Like many others of my own and younger generations, I am not only dependent on my computer for my work and my daily connections with others, I’m pretty much addicted. I’ve been hooked on Lenovos for my last couple of laptops. Unfortunately, Lenovos (at least the ones that I’ve had!) have a nasty penchant for not lasting all that long before fans fail, motors overheat and fry and screens randomly don’t work. I’ve finally become marginally smarter than the system and backed up all my stuff on one of the 2 hard drives that Daddy G had a field day making fun of me for buying. Who’s laughing now smarty pants? Who is not spending all my time reloading CDs into itunes, freaking out that I lost all my important bloggy and other documents, and freaking out that we lost the girls’ baby pictures? Not this girl, that’s who. 

Fortunately, we have a backup laptop at home that Daddy G bought last time he went to the states. We kind of view it as the ugly step child laptop at our house, because it just doesn’t work the same as my old faithful. I am, at the moment, super thankful for it though. I am able to work at my job, blogging, and my side projects and stay connected to the world. We’re hoping to be able to get it fixed as I think it’s a screen problem and not a fan problem – yet. That is, we’ll get it fixed whenever Daddy G finds the time/incentive/nagging insufferable and gets it fixed.

Other than that drama, I have been swamped with my job. One of them anyways.  It’s been good making the money, but it’s been darn hard keeping up with it along with all of the other fun flying around.

In more good news, I now have 5 students coming to my house to learn the piano. The further I get into this project, the more fun it becomes. As of lately, Daddy G and I have been in some pretty serious discussions on the direction we want to take in life and more specifically, whether I should pursue a job at a company (such as the one he works for that rhymes with Farget) or whether we should go full time in pursuing the business of opening and running a music school in Bangalore. I’m pretty much gung ho about being an entrepreneur, but it does have some pretty serious implications for our family. Many of them have to do with whether or not we stay in India on a very long term basis (which would be the case if we opened a music school) or head back to the US (which would mean it would be a good idea to do my best to get a corporate job before hand). As these discussions are of a serious nature, versus a hypothetical, daydreamish type discussion, it’s both thrilling and terrifying. I’m not exactly sure what I want from life or where I want to live it. As it stands right now, I really want it both ways, which I’m aware is not possible.

On a tragic note, I do not have access to my Outlook. This means I haven’t been able to follow most of the eleventy billion blogs I usually read every day. It also means that I don’t have any clue what day it is unless my house is full of people, which usually means it is Saturday or Sunday. I am indeed lost without my calendar.

So my loyal readers, don’t despair. I will be back to read all of your outrageously talented material and leave inane comments just as soon as I track down all your blogs again and stick them in a different feed reader. Anyone have any suggestions? Preferably that won’t wreak havoc on my reading habits should my computer decide to host a not so civil protest at being overused and underpaid?



~*~MizTink~*~ said...

It's so good to have you back!!! :) I'm glad that you had fun on vacation! Crappy that your computer died though. Hope you can get it up and running in no time!

To read my blog list I use the google reader on my phone. And when I'm at the computer, I use my blog list on my dashboard. I haven't used blogspot before, however, so I am not sure how it is setup. I am probably no help at all LoL I think I will just go now before this gets awkwardly rambly :D

Looking forward to reading more posts!

Rusty said...

Ooo, laptop trouble. I hear ya. that is why I back piece of writing and photos in the cloud. Videos of my stand-up are in three different places, and geographically separated.

Between the many different cloud storage sites, you can wrangle up to 4G of storage.

Becky said...

@Miz Tink - I'm expecting it back from the repair shop this week, so not too bad.

@Rusty - I probably should move stuff to the cloud as well as my portable hard drive. After reloading itunes from scratch 8 times I finally got smart about the external hard drive, but it's still a hassle.

Kianwi said...

Welcome back!

Life choices are so hard to make sometimes, aren't they? If only the obvious answer would just drop into our laps. I'm feeling like I'm at a turning point in my life right now and need to decide in which direction I should head next and it's not easy. Good luck with your decision!

Gossip_Grl said...

Great Posting! Congrats on the five piano students! I am down to only having a netbook due to computer problems on the desk top and lap top too.

Michael G DAgostino said...

Ha! I was gone from blogger for a month and I came here to say I'm back and I missed you. Turns out you've been gone too and having adventures of your own! Good to see you again!