Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cue the Excited Screaming, Yet Again.

Yeah, the answer is no you perverts. I am not screaming about that. Although.....ok, never mind. We're gonna move on.

I am screaming in excitement because Ken in a Tractor graced me with another award. Aw yeah. Thank you kindly Ken, much, much appreciated.

^This right here? The Schiznit.^

So the rules go as follows: Post 7 random facts about yourself (only 7? I'm pretty damn random.) and pass it along to 10 deserving blog folk. Cool. Let's go.

1. I love cleaning like no one's business. The kind where you put old clothes on and grab a scrub brush (or a toothbrush if you're feeling extra neurotic) and go to town on some poor dirty surface. SO satisfying.

2. I will not touch warm milk, it makes me gag. Even the smell of boiling milk can make me run for the trash can. Holla tweet conversations! I do not, however, have any problem with hot coffee and or tea chock full of milk. I can't explain it either.

3. I am a bit of an electronic hoarder - music, blogs, recipes, anything I can turn into data. Got help me if the show Hoarders ever does an electronic version.

4. Hello, my name is Becky and I'm addicted to caramel flavored coffee syrup. And byriani. And red wine, we must never forget the red wine.

5. I lost almost 25 kg (50 lbs or so, for those not metrically inclined) of weight since moving to India. For some reason, it still surprises me when my clothes are big and that I have to remind myself to eat. Yep, this makes me want to punch myself too. I always used to hate people who said this stuff.

6. Pain doesn't bother me all that much. I pierced my own nose with a needle and an ice cube because I was a really dumb ass teenager. You can read about it here if you want a good laugh.

7. There's at least one more place that I want pierced and I want a tattoo. However, I've become chicken shit in my old(er) age and Daddy G will ensure I die early if I come home with any more holes in or tattoos. Seriously.

Ok, time for passing on some bloggy love. Please do check these people out, even if they don't participate. Ahem. Just kidding. If they pass it along or not, they're still good writers.

1. - This chicky is seriously funny and reminds me of way too many things that actually do happen at our house. Love how down to earth she is!

2. This is a relatively new blog for me, but I love, love, love her style and humor.

3. DJ at Also a relatively new find, but he's great at telling fun stories and getting bloggers involved with each other. Love it.

4. Seriously enjoy her writing. Check her out.

5. Rusty at Not only does he debate Peanut Butter vs. Nutella, he writes for DudeWrite. Check him out.

6.  I love this blog because it reminds me so much of New York. That and it's pretty entertaining too. 

7. - I love these guys. I've gotten accustomed to the cartoon blogs and I'm hooked. The funny is here.

8. Jen at Not only is she funny. I so want to punch someone in the throat! Only someone who deserves it though.

9. because anyone that has a name like ninja mom has to be pretty cool.

10.Last, but definitely not least:  Another Dude Write find.  Good stuff.

Whew. You people are challenging my resources. I do have tons more blogs to share if anyone feels like gifting me again...Just kidding. I can't believe you people think I deserve awards. A nice big bloggy kiss to all of you.


Stephanie @ PinkPeacockStudio said...

You should definitely get a tattoo. And another piercing. People with tattoos and piercings are fun! (says the girl with a tattoo, nose ring, and several other piercings who works in a office setting none-the-less!)You won't regret it :-)

Becky said...

I want to. The pesky thing is, Daddy G tends to know what I look like and a new tattoo or piercing would be noticed immediately, and would be pissed as all hell.

I happen to agree the tattoo/piercing people - for the most part, they are fun. ;-)

Becky said...

By the way, thanks for stopping by!

Michael G DAgostino said...

I'm glad Rusty got one. Maybe he'll believe me next time he says his blog is better than mine!

NellieVaughn said...

I think the people I've dated would me much happier if I stopped putting holes in my face. Men don't always like that, but hey, there's a lot I don't like about them.

Becky said...

Oh Michael. What can I say honey? The man gave you a smackdown about Nutella. That and I didn't get that far up my blogging list. You're next my friend, I just have to get another award to pass on. ;-)

Becky said...

Nellie - yeah, Daddy G is a bit on the traditional side in that respect. He stopped talking to me for a few weeks when I pierced my nose. Cue the old man yelling "Pull your pants up son and get a haircut! And a JOB!" Ok, so it's not that bad, but he has told me in no uncertain terms that he didn't want to be married to a circus freak with piercings everywhere. Nothing wrong with that, of course, he just didn't want to be married to one. My answer to this is that maybe I should just get a piercing somewhere other people won't see.

Michael G DAgostino said...

Woops, I said that wrong. I'M always telling HIM his blog's better than mine.

And plaese, I'm totaally winning this spread war.

Rusty said...

Thaanks Becky! :)

And thanks Michael, but I enjoy reading your blog than i do reading mine.

And you are not winning the Spread War, it has only just started...

What tattoo were you thinking? I prefer tattoos with meaning, something that is so important to you that you would imprint your skin for ever. I have a tattoo of my family crest, because that way I keep my family with me at all times

Becky said...

You're welcome Rusty.

Ladies and gents, we need some more shout outs for the Nutella. No way we can let peanut butter win this.

I completely agree with you about tattoos with meaning. This is why I'm glad I didn't get any ink done when I was younger - it no doubt would have been something incredibly stupid and meaningless. I'm still considering what I want on my skin forever. It will probably be something to do with my family, just not sure what yet.

Nicole said...

I was on vacation and really being lame. Finally stopping by to say thanks for the award! I love me some love.


Becky said...

Nichole - thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

Vesta Vayne said...

Well thank you!!

So I see you're on the fighting side of Nutella in the Spread Wars.

I'm a PB girl myself, can we still be friends? :)

Becky said...

Quite welcome Vesta! I am indeed firmly in the Nutella camp, but we can definitely be friends. :-)