Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ye Old Gimp

Listening to: Fat Bottom Girls – Queen. Oh the irony.
Mood:  Calm and happy

So a few days ago, I decided to tackle the disgusting ceiling fans in our house. I am definitely one of those housewives that notice obscure dirt and make a project out of it.

I grabbed one of the 5 (no kidding!) buckets in our house and went looking for liquid soap. I was hoping to use Lyzol (the Indian version of Lysol) that my housekeeper uses for the floor since we didn’t have any regular liquid dish soap. Hmm. She has used all the Lyzol and forgot to ask me to buy a new one. Wonder how long the floor has been swabbed down with just water. Anyhow. I decided just to settle for a hot water and a scrubby textured rag. I grabbed a kitchen chair and got to work. We only have 5 fans in our house. 1 for each bedroom, 1 in the living room, and 1 for the dining room. It was a short and extremely satisfying project even though all of the dirt showered all over me and the floor, even though I was doing my best to catch it all with a soaking wet rag. 15 minutes tops.

The next day I hopped out of bed. Well, perhaps hopped out is a gross exaggeration. It may have been a slow crawl to the coffee powder. I noticed that in one of my legs, more specifically the one I used to lift myself up on to the kitchen chair, was operating funky.  As in stiff, sore, and generally gimpy in my leg and butt muscles. This continued for the next 3 days.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially out of shape. Okay, you can stop laughing now. I haven’t been in shape for the past 10 years. For some reason, in my mind, my recent weight loss was somehow magically connected with being fit. I was happy with this delusion until 15 minutes of unusual movement reduced me to a gimp. I am in desperate need to some weight lifting and muscle toning. Like yesterday. So along with my austerity measures to cut down on soda and cookies, I also need to be doing some proper exercise. When I get done with the hospital and school visits (just general business) I think the gym in my complex needs to be visited.

I love lifting weights and would love to get back into this. I have 5 lbs weights, stretchy bands (the technical term) and a kettle ball at home, so even if I can’t get to the gym, I can start at home.

Anyone have a favorite workout video for toning or even better a kettle ball?


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