Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding my Style at 30

Mood: It’s hot outside. Dutch people don’t like excess heat.

Listening to: 9XM music videos. I think Bol Bachchan may be my new favorite song. I can’t get it out of my head anyhow.

A while back I read somewhere that people generally are at their best dressed when they are in their 30’s.  It was like a light bulb snapped on in my head. You see, I thought it was just me that took until she turned 30 to develop any kind of stylishness at all.

My teen aged years were spent in large t shirts and baggy jeans due to some over protective parents and a lack of comfort with my own body.

My early 20’s were spent in a Subway uniform, a diner apron, and later maternity clothes. I worked way 
too much to ever invest in clothes and didn’t have the money to anyway.

My mid-late 20’s were spent in homage to Guns in Roses. Black GNR tees and baggy jeans (again with the body confidence that just was not there).

I have never been one to use color in clothing (hello black, tan, and jean), be comfortable with fitted clothes, and never considered myself to be stylish at all.

Last year, I started not being so afraid of color and branched out a bit. To be sure, my beloved tee shirts and jeans were still very much in rotation, but after Daddy G complained that he sometimes wondered if he married a boy, I knew it was time for a change. Skirts made an appearance. Lower cut and tighter (nothing scandalous, just fitted) shirts started making appearances too.

After moving to India, Daddy G pushed me to expand even more. Obviously, anything low cut was left in the states, but my wardrobe no longer consists of only black band tees, even though I admit they are still my favorite.  Brightly colored tunics and jewel toned skirts are now worn on a regular basis.

I’m glad I’ve hit my stride, even if it has taken me until I turned 30 to find it. Hopefully, after losing some weight, shopping will be a bit more fun too. As lame as it is, I do find myself liking who I am as I get older. 
Hopefully it just keeps getting better.

When did you find your style? Have you always had it or was it something you had to develop?


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