Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From the Archives: Pregnant with a Capital P

Please note: this is from 2007. I am not pregnant right now. Although I would love to be.


I'm currently having a mental crisis. I'm either pregnant, or stark raving mad. Neither option is really that attractive to me, but I'd have to prefer pregnant since that would only last 9 months. I guess the theoretical baby would last much longer, but come on, insanity instead? No thanks.  After all of the months of wondering am I pregnant or am I crazy/have PMS?, I'm positive that there must be a better way. Mother Nature should provide women with a fail safe way of knowing and not having to guess. I guess we have the EPT, but when I was pregnant with Akhila, it took 3 of those suckers and about 2 weeks. 2 weeks is WAY too long to sit and wonder. I think we should have some physical obvious sign that could not be attributed to any other cause. Something like a big blue spot on say our stomachs. Exhaustion, headaches, tender boobs, and puking can all be symptoms of other things. A big blue spot could not. So, I'll have to wait and see if I have a parasite in the oven (kidding!) or if I'm just leaning a bit to the looney side of life.


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