Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J is for Just Eat It

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I have a thing about picky people. I’m not talking about a person who doesn’t like sausage and asks for pasta without it, or someone who has a religious objection to eating pork. I’m talking about the people who ask for a detailed list of salad ingredients and then ask for half of them to be left out.

I’ve never really understood it at all. There are very, very few things that I don’t like and just plain won’t eat. Very few.  I just can’t understand why people just don’t eat whatever it is they don’t like anyways.

I have been blessed with a picky child. Indian food involves lots of spices – some of them whole for flavor. We use black mustard seeds, which are the same size and color as poppy seeds. They really do not taste like much of anything. For some inexplicable reason, this bothers my youngest to a ridiculous degree. She will sit and pick every single last blasted seed out of her food. Same for cilantro leaves, spinach, and anything else resembling something that grows outside on a bush.

This girl has fought me about what she will and will not eat since she was born. Most days I just want to pry her stubborn little jaw open and shove the food in. But child services looks down on that, so I have to resort to trickery/bribery/hell/high water. It’s challenging for my patience at best.

For the love of a Sweet Baby Yam. Do not go out to eat if you’re picky. Stay home and just make it yourself. Don’t torture the waitresses son, it’s just bad manners.

Seriously. Stay home or Just Eat It.


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