Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for Nose Nonsense

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Skipping to N, because there was no way I was letting this one by.

I was flipping through the news today and noticed a story about a bride who went on a nose tube diet before her wedding. For those not familiar, a tube is inserted through the nose into the stomach and food is pumped directly into the stomach, strictly controlling consumption. It’s supposed to help you lose weight fast.
Ok. What the Sam Hell. Ladies and gentlemen, sanity has left the building. This is one of the most ridiculous ideas I have ever heard.

 Can we please just stop with the twig envy for 2 minutes? A woman is supposed to be getting ready for the happiest day of her life (whatever!) and to spend the rest of her life with her fiancĂ© and she’s so worried about being fat she resorts to feeding herself through a tube. Argh! The true kicker was, this lady didn’t even look overweight to me. At all.

800 calories a day. I want to know what doctor is helping this woman with all of her medical apparatus. I don’t know any credible doctor that will tell you that 800 calories a day is a sane plan. It’s just not sustainable for your body. This woman stopped picking her kids up from school because she was afraid of scaring the other children. What about your own kids you silly broad? What messages are you sending them about their own bodies and weight? People thought she was dying

I’m all for being healthy. If you are overweight, go for it. Lose it the healthy way. Get your butt moving and reduce your portion size to help you reduce calories slowly.  Why in the world have we not yet learned that losing weight too quickly is both not good for you and probably won’t stick. It reeks havoc on the body. If you have an event that you want to look awesome for, start a few weeks earlier and do it the healthy way.

Ladies and gentlemen, people are willing to stick a tube up their nose and walk around like that to lose weight for an event. Words fail me.


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