Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for What the Hell

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Doing my usual thing and trolling through the news for things that caught my eye, I came across this:

India seriously, what the hell is this nonsense? It breaks my heart on a regular basis that a country that has made huge strides in modernity is still stuck in some very ingrained ancient behaviors.  I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea, this isn’t common in India. There are a few areas with groups of people who are neither rich nor educated where this occurs. Still – one child married at the age of 1 is too many.

Unfortunately, India doesn’t always have the best track record when it comes to protecting women and children – especially those who don’t have much. The country also isn’t all that great at standing up for an individual who needs support. As in the story – this girl had to go against her own family in seeking a divorce.
India has a culture of trusting parents to find a spouse for the children and the children are raised to trust their parents’ decision regarding spouse. How much courage it must have taken for this girl who doesn’t have much to stand up and take control of her own destiny. Hats off to you my dear; I hope that you are an inspiration to other girls in the same situation.

This is a prime example of the need of education for people still stuck in the last century. I’m sure these people are not doing this to be malicious to the girl (although that is another problem all together) but rather out of tradition and a misguided idea of what are good for her and their family. I’ve said it before: Progress is vital.

It is also an example of how much one voice can help. It is so easy to turn your head and let things go if they don’t apply to you. If you feel like balking, think about how much courage it must have taken this girl to go against her entire family and community for what she knew was right.  Man up – this should never be excused or ignored.


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