Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Q is for Quackle

Mood: Calm – for now
Listening to:  Completely ineffective ceiling fans – it’s hot!

Since I’m a ginormous nerd, I decided to discover a new Q word for today. Using my trusty friend Google, why by the way never lies to me, I found quackle. Bwa ha ha ha ha. The fun things about finding new words is that you’re never really sure if they are real or not.

Here’s what had to say about quackle: to choke; to suffocate
Hmmm. This kind of makes me wonder why we needed a new word for choking someone. Don’t get me wrong, quackle is awesome. It’s sure to diffuse any situation where you actually feel like choking someone.

“Knock it off or I will totally quackle you.”

Yep. The subsequent laughter will actually prevent any quackling from happening. Can you imagine how funny this would be in a BDSM context?

“You want me to quackle you baby?”

I’m rolling on the floor here people. But wait, that’s not as fun as Quadroon. A person who has ¼ African American ancestors. Seriously? Who comes up with this nonsense.

Being a word nerd is so much fun. Just try not to use too many big ones in one sentence. It tends to confuse people and then they may want to quackle you. Yep, still laughing about that one.


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